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story. >> who made the decision that you were going to run for it? >> it was a mixture of signals, which the police outside. but -- with the police outside. i did not realize he was talking to the police. i said, "run," and the guard said, "yeah." >> the bomb squad detonated it before it went off. it will be on the first week of the final season of the oprah winfrey show. >> you can watch the entire interview with the discovery hostages tomorrow right here on abc7 at 4:00. leon, the district may soon have a new mayor. vincent gray beat mayor fenty.
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eichhorn -- sam ford has details from both camps. >> we are outside the d.c. board of elections, which last night declared vincent gray the winner over adrian fenty. there are some questions. clearly, vincent gray said he is not going to make any personnel announcements until he is actually elected in november. it was 1:30 this morning when vincent gray was finally able to declare victory. >> it is time we come together as one city. >> to a crowd who had no sympathy towards the loser, adrian fenty. they sang, "hey, hey, good-
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bye." >> we willingly accept the vote of the majority. as i said, we made a lot of tough political decisions. >> among them was the choice of schools chancellor michelle rhee, who is very unpopular with much of gray's base. no one would be surprised if he leaves -- she leaves. said he wants to bridge the divide. >> there were a lot of people who voted for me and a lot of people who did not vote for me. >> i really thought the we were on a forward moving trend, and i feel we are stepping back to the marion barry era. >> i am a little bit disappointed. >> vincent gray made clear today he was disappointed with the performance of the d.c. board of elections, with problems with
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the voting machines, people who did not get to vote, questions there, as well as concerns that some of the people who voted did not actually get to vote, so there was a meeting today at the board of elections, looking at those problems, vincent gray saying he wants to look at that and hope that these problems never occur again. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. >> thank you, sam. what is going to happen to the d.c. schools chancellor michelle ie, now that vinson grea -- schools chancellor michelle rhee, now that vincent gray is in? >> some say she has done a good job and should be kept on board. today, he would not reveal what
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his plans were for her. >> i have actually placed a call to her. i am sure she is busy. she is running the schools at this point, obviously, but we will talk. i am looking forward to talking with her very soon. >> he said school reform does not mean you cannot have collaboration, and he has sharply criticized her for not working more closely with teachers and their unions. >> this reform will move forward in a gray administration, and it will be done with a strong chancellor who works with, with, parents and teachers. >> at one middle school today, many students wore stickers supporting their former principal, fired by michelle rhee. they remain divided about whether or not she should stay or go.
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>> she has done great things at this school. >> i think she knows what is going on at the school level. >> the things she has done here by taking the principle away. >> there was an earlier statement saying that both mayor fenty and chairman note gray -- and chairman gray embrace reform. in a statement, there was a call to continue to move forward with reforms. there was a rumor earlier that she had turned in her resignation today. we spoke to staff earlier today, and they say that is absolutely not true. i should note that two counts members who provided crucial endorsement for vincent gray are voting to keep the schools chancellor. rebecca cooper, abc7 news.
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>> thanks, rebecca. coming up, we will take a look at how mayor adrian fenty went from being king of the district to this. the third time really is a charm for the prince george's county executive. a three-time challenger won the democratic nomination last night. the county sheriff was beaten by more than 10%. and a councilman, kwame brown, defeated another, vincent orange. we are following some breaking news at this hour that is coming in from maryland, where a man was shot near prince
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george's county community college. newschopper 7 is live on the scene. as you can see, the man was shot at least one time in the upper body. the victim is in critical condition, we are told, at a local trauma center. we will continue to follow the situation and bring you the latest. we have new information coming from annandale. police responded to a domestic assault case. the victim was able to get out of the house, but the suspect is still barricaded inside. a school was secured, and all of the students have been able to go home, except for a few students who are being kept there as a precaution. police say a man who held a woman hostage has just wrapped up a 10-year prison sentence. this was in force to build around 10:00 last night. then, after a nine-hour-long standoff, the man shot himself
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in the hague. tonight, he is in critical condition which shot himself in the head -- the man shot himself in the head. tonight, he is in critical condition. gail pennybacker is live tonight, and she joins us with the latest in another story involving john evans. >> eve harmony is cooperating with investigators, who have been working for weeks trying to tie john evans to may be several cases. online, he was charming and friendly, but they say that 34- year-old john evans was a predator, attacking a woman in his south writing house on their first date -- in his south riding home.
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>> it is scary when you meet somebody on line, because you really do not know. >> the 37-year-old loudoun county woman who says she was sexually assaulted at his town house called for help when she got free. the attack happened in july. since then, investigators have been working with e-harmony to see if he may have a history of using dates. >> people who do this, there is usually other victims out here. >> the victims says she and edmunds initially agreed to meet at a public place, but at the last moment, he changed the plan to go to this house -- the victim says she and evans initially agreed to meet at a public place.
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investigators in loudoun county say this may help women who may have been abused prior to this case to come forward now and let investigators know about it. reporting live in sterling, va., gail pennybacker, abc7 news. >> thank you, gail. de la hoya well in the gulf could permanently be sealed soon. -- the oil well. engineers will pump in final rounds of mud and cement, hopefully by sunday. another beautiful day weatherwise. >> meteorologist bob ryan is in the weather center with a first check of the forecast for us. >> it has been a wonderful, wonderful day. i want to take you to some of our weatherbug sites. what a difference from just a
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few weeks ago here in our belfort furniture weather center, and there are a couple of the clubs. also, that is how we look from chesapeake beach, a gorgeous day out on the bay. meanwhile, let me take you further out. we have got not one, not two, but three, including a nasty hurricane igor, and karl is moving in. i think we may see a few raindrops in the future. i will tell you about that. >> all right, a good deal, bob. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00, 20 people went to the hospital. >> and one of the supposedly white house crashers is out with a new book. and if you sat in this cramped airline, would it mean big savings on your next ticket?
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it is the new way to burn fat by
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so people have tried
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everything to get rid of fat, from pills to liposuction. >> now, they are freezing it away. there is a new fda approved the technique. tell us about it. >> it is the first time for the fda and to do this with technology that is not in evasive, no needles, no incision. >> there is enough fat here. >> her belief that is about to be frozen, using a new technology -- her belly fat is about to be frozen. a vacuum pulls it inside, literally freezing them. >> they get destroyed much more easily. >> her body will then absorb and
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naturally over the next couple of months, losing about 1 inch of fat. >> there is no decision, no postoperative recovery. there is a little bit of pinching and some coldness, but that goes away with in the first 10 minutes. >> here at the washington institute, doctors participating in the fda critical study. they have been using this for three years and showed us before and after pictures of patients. treated post pregnancy, for love handles, and for back flab. >> it is very safe and effective, and that is what the fda wants to know. >> temporary redness or tingling is expected, but there is no down time about this, and it costs between $800 and $1,500, and that depends on how big the area is that is being frozen.
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it is a bombshell. white house crasher michaele salahi says she suffers from multiple sclerosis and that she has kept it hidden for years. salahi says her ms is the reason for her thin physique. tonight, the obama administration has a response to last week's explosion in suburban san francisco that killed some people and also an oil leak in michigan in july. the transportation secretary says they are pushing for stronger penalties for safety violations. they want to see fines for death to $2.50 million.
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we have seen a lot of the same with the weather. >> a wonderful time of year, is it not? the middle of september to the middle of october, and we have warm nights and cool days. you can get the was the right, but sometimes you just get the date is confused, right? a beautiful, beautiful evening. our temperature outside 85 degrees. our average high tomorrow is 79. the average high today is 80 degrees. as you can imagine, on the doppler, the dollar has been kind of lazy lately. -- the doppler has been kind of lazy lately. a lot of this out in the mountains will dry up before it
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gets here. this is from a satellite this afternoon. the terra satellite. here is dulles airport. it is cloud free in the shenandoah valley. not a cloud in and around us today. meanwhile, out in the tropics, a nasty hurricane, although the wind is down, and now, karl is moving into the yucatan as a tropical storm, and the other is out there. good news, they are all staying well to the south. in washington, 85 degrees. let me show you the tracks of those storms, because they will continue to move away from the united states but could be a threat to bermuda by the weekend. 90 degrees. there is an area of high pressure moving law. this will be coming through with some clouds as we get in
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tomorrow afternoon. we will see clouds increasing. temperatures once again tomorrow will be in the low to mid 80's with southerly winds. late in the afternoon, maybe some light sprinkles or some evening showers, so not the blue skies we had today. as we go into the weekend, that moisture moves off, so once again, it is dry air, a delightful weekend, temperatures around e degrees. the average high maybe warmer air by sunday -- temperatures around 80 degrees. there is just one more week until abc premiere weekend, but before then, you can see where everything left off. an attempt to organize the perfect family portrait, well, they go to arrive.
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abc7 news this is a love and a " -- is at 11:00. in the hot seat on capitol hill. plus, a controversy at arlington national cemetery. and firetrucks slams into a metrobus in northwest, d.c., sending 22 people
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a fire truck slammed into the side of a metrobus this afternoon, sending 22 people to the hospital. >> this happened in northwest. they say the bus driver apparently did not hear the siren. stephen tschida joins us with the latest from the scene. >> the bus was heading south down 14th street, when the fire truck came through this intersection. tonight, investigators are trying to figure out how this crash haven't -- happened. >> rescue workers loaded up those. more than one dozen on the bus and four firefighters ended up in the hospital. >> i thought he was dead, but i think he is alive.
5:25 pm
>> the injuries, including that to the bus driver, are not said to be life-threatening. still, those on board described a chaotic and frightening scene after the collision. >> i fall on the floor, so i just woke up, and the guy helping us to get up. >> fire officials say the truck had been dispatched for a pedestrians struck by a vehicle. the crew got a call while producing it in a training session a few blocks away. they say it was not traveling very fast because it had just taken off. >> seconds before. >> they say the sirens sounded right before impact, but it was loud and clear as it approached the intersection. >> i hear the siren, yes, but i do not know if the driver of the bus here that -- hear that.
5:26 pm
>> they have launched a joint investigation into this collision. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> thank you, stephen. coming up, the love-a relationship people have with their cell phones. .-- the love-hate relationship. i will let a look at the d.c. mayor's race, coming up. i am greta kreuz. and answers for the family of one
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we have breaking news coming in from northwest washington, where the threat of a sniper has led to the early dismissal of school. >> rebecca cooper has details. >> we are in georgetown, and i will have my cameraman, george miller, -- josh miller, pan. police are investigating what they believe was initially some kind of break called in to the british school, which is a couple of blocks over, closer to connecticut ave. the school was in lockdown. they received some kind of a phone call, indicating some kind of explosive or gun activity. the school immediately went into
5:30 pm
lockdown mode. they had all of the students go into classrooms and shut the window shades and kept the students in and immediately alerted the parents to let them know that the school was in lockdown and that the parents would be told when and if they could pick up the students. the parents went to this korea and picked them up, but please continue the investigation here on whitehaven. they have got one block of it closed, and they are going through to look and several cars in the area. one by one, they are letting people be escorted to their cars so that those people could leave, and the police tape remains as they try to investigate exactly what happened. all of the students at the british school have been released and are with their parents or some other kind of caretaker and have gone home safely. live in northwest washington, rebecca cooper, abc7 news.
5:31 pm
an update on a shooting, and john gonzalez is live with the breaking details for us. john? >> cynne, police were called out here this afternoon, and they believe a group of students, possibly from largo high school, which is just down the street here, got into a fight here on the sidewalk, and shots were fired. at least one student, we are told, has been shot, and police have cordoned off the entire area. it appeals that multiple gunshots were fired, because there are showcases, markers on the street there. but -- there are shell cases. one man was shot in the chest and was transported in critical condition. again, police are not sure how this unfolds, but it appears it was an after-school fight here in this largo neighborhood.
5:32 pm
they are investigating and looking for suspects, possibly even a car. you can see that there is shattered glass. they are looking for not only that but witnesses, as well. john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> keep us posted. arlington cemetery has found at least three people buried in the wrong grades. >> this is just the latest. suzanne kennedy is live from arlington, with one family's story to find out the truth. suzanne? >> cynne, leon, it prompted an ohio family to ask for their son -- their son's remains to be exhumed, and today, they watched as that somber process took place. for the second time in nearly four years, the remains of the five it.
5:33 pm
private first class -- the remains of private first class heath warner were buried again. >> we are deeply sorry for the pain that they have endured. >> they say the paperwork was always incomplete or missing, so when they found 211 discrepancies in burials in three sections of the cemetery, they ask for an investigation. >> they lost confidence in our process at arlington cemetery. >> today, tags matched. his parents were satisfied with the methodology, and heath warner was once again buried. that took less than one hour and took place at the same site
5:34 pm
where he was buried in november 2006. arlington national cemetery has set up a toll-free hotline for anyone with concerns about their loved ones buried here. reporting live at arlington national cemetery, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> thank you, suzanne, for that report. a d.c. woman is being charged with animal cruelty after her pit bull died after being tied to a door. it is said she tied up the dog outside of her back door and then went to visit family. it was allegedly left unattended for three days in the july heat. d.c. mayor adrian fenty came into office with a fresh face and a lot of support, so what changed? why did the residents defeat him at the polls? we will have a look get that story with greta kreuz. >> leon, a lot of people tell me
5:35 pm
they still cannot believe it happens. he has done so much for the city, but that has evaporated by those who say it was not so much what he did but how he did it. he is credited with revitalizing the d.c. public schools, which for so long were a national embarrassment. to people like linda johnson, adrian fenty is a hero. >> it is a sad day for us. some say he eliminated them. some blame his style of management. >> , a teacher is not listening to other stakeholders. we are going to do this --
5:36 pm
teachers not listening. >> in the church community, historically carefully courted, felt left out by fendi. -- fenty. >> he did not seek to make it really an integral part of his administration. >> other blunders, such as a failing to meet a civil-rights person, made him seem more arrogant. his recent promise to change was too little, too late. >> an apology at the 23rd hour. >> and they tell me that vincent gray, on the other hand, is a listener. he is a consensus builder, and that, they say, is what the city really needs. live, greta kreuz, abc7 news. >> thanks, greta.
5:37 pm
it is time for a look at the traffic situation. that does not look good. >> no, and this is cattle orth ave. it is a disabled vehicle on the inner loop -- and this is kenilworth avenue. that is the inner loop of the beltway coming past college park. also, a disabled truck in the northbound direction. virginia is having a pretty normal day. back to you. >> all right, thank you. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00, a lot of people feeling cramped at the airlines, but is this worth going through to save some cash? they have definitely become a necessary evil, so are we now addicted to our cell phones? and the latest american
5:38 pm
hiker to le ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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americans have developed a very strong relationship with
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their cell phones. >> that is right. research shows more and more are using text messages and using their cell phones for everything, from an alarm clock to cameras, but research shows that this technology makes some people angry and uncomfortable. >> she could not get through the day. >> i cannot survive without the cell phone. >> much less the night without her trustees cell phone. >> male and text messages. >> and she is among an increasing number of adults who are using text messages. a recent survey from the pew research center shows a 72% of adult cell phone users r texting, and that is up from last year -- 72% of adult cell phone users are texting, but they have found that it is so much more.
5:42 pm
>> i use my cell phone for a calendar, my to-do list, and basically just a phone. >> americans really love their phones. >> but it is a love-hate relationship. >> basically, i am on call 24/7. >> cell phone users say they feel safer and more flexible because of their phone, but it can also be a paid. >> you can never get away. >> even if it is someone else's telephone. >> all day, and they are not paying attention to me. >> i am always taking it out to check. >> the survey also found african-americans and hispanics use their cell phones is significantly more than whites, and they believe the reason for that is that they have higher rates of cell phone ownership, because they have a variety of uses and are more accessible and
5:43 pm
home computers. >> a lot of people use them for alarm clocks, that is for sure. all right, coming up on abc7 news a 5:00, a choking hazard. and an outdoor band of smoking. an outdoor location could soon go smoke-free. craigslist on capitol hill,
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5:46 pm
the fight against sex trafficking in the united states has made its way to capitol hill. >> and craigslist is front and center. natasha barrett has more. >> sex trafficking happens in america more than we would like to think. today in washington, a congressional panel heard about this problem when it comes to minors, and some are even working on a bill aimed at fighting it. on capitol hill, lawmakers exposed the underworld of online 6 trafficking. >> they hide behind their personal computers and have a
5:47 pm
child at their doorstep with a click of a button. >> none has been in the cross hairs but in this more recently than craigslist. submenus decide to buy and sell sex. -- some online buy and sell sex. the site set down -- close down its adult services section. there was the accused craigslist killer markoff. >> despite our best efforts, it is not in cannot be zero. >> today at the hearing, a victim of sex trafficking told her story of abuse. craigslist has been collecting
5:48 pm
$10 to $15 for every adult advertisement, millions of dollars per year. live in the newsroom, natasha barrett, abc7 news. you could save some money on your next flight, but to catch this, you have to be uncomfortable. an italian designer has just bit unveiled these, which take up about 6 inches, and airlines could cut prices and sell up the planes. it is part sabalo, part sardine can. -- part saddle. >> i am 6 feet tall. >> what do you think? >> it herds. it is very painful. >> these seats have not yet received federal approval, and while they have to test safety first, it has no requirements,
5:49 pm
believe it or not, forsyth size or room between seats. -- no requirements for size or room between seats. there has been a toy recall. no injuries have been reported, but consumers are encouraged to return them for a full refund. when mayor says he wants to save lives and make the big apple a safer place to live -- one mayor said that. mayor bloomberg would limit smoking in certain areas, even in central park. it is expected to pass easily after a review by the city council. all right, let's see what is coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 this evening. >> gordon peterson has a look
5:50 pm
ahead. gordon? >> when democrats are saying about tea party winners tonight,.-- what democrats are saying. also, he captured some of the most important movements of the civil rights, but the also gives secrets to the fbi? a photographer. those stories are new at 6:00. we will see you soon. >> thanks, gordon. see you soon. meantime, a check of the weather. >> bob ryan is in the weather center. >> a great time of year, eating out on the patio or at some of those outdoor cafes. here is how it will be shaping up as we go through the overnight hours. down around 60 degrees. if tomorrow, it will start with a lot of sunshine with increasing clouds and a weather front coming our way. temperatures a bit above
5:51 pm
average. fredericksburg, 86 degrees. low 80's into our northcom and a chance of seeing some rain day or early into friday morning showers -- low 80's to our north, and a chance of seeing some rain early on friday. what do you have for us? >> the redskins were back to work. it was a perfect day for them. they moved on from the win over dallas, and today, they're full focus was on houston, texas. they are coming in on sunday with a whole lot of confidence. britt mchenry shows the interesting thing about these two teams is that they know each other very well. >> they really put pressure. they are going full speed, and
5:52 pm
they play with a lot of energy. >> this next game may not have the rivalry of weaker one, but it is certainly a showdown among coaching note -- this game may not have the rivalry or the previous one. does the redskins' offense have a slight advantage? >> no, no. an even playing field. we do not talk to kyle or matt or anyone who comes over from houston. >> 230 yards a run against the colts, but shanahan is not the only one with an insider's perspective. >> maybe not 203, but you can tell he will be good. >> he rushed for over 230 yards. it will be for us. >> ad redskins park, abc7
5:53 pm
sports. >> war on the redskins coming up at 6:00. -- more on the redskins. the nationals got all that they needed in the second inning. maxwell. look out. bases loaded. left field. the former maryland terrapin with a grand slam. the nationals beat them, paul only the second home series loss for that team. .-- and only the second home series loss for that team. coming next on abc7 news at 5:00, on the chopping block.
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first responders can run into anything when they head out on a call. in oregon, they were called out to rescue a 1,500 lb camel. take a look.
5:57 pm
they were trying to freeze it from a sinkhole. it did not show any signs of injury. this is one of several camel's company. a children's oper >> you do not expect that one. all right. and high-priced and high- tech makeover. one of brothers is donating some $5 million to the smithsonian. it's money will be used to turn a place into a movie theater using 3-d technology and the ability to show old films, as well. big changes are expected from the presidential financial regulatory reform, but no one expected this one. >> as a result of the upcoming overhaul, a.t.c. daycare center is being forced to close. -- a dc daycarre.
5:58 pm
-- daycare. >> they help me a lot. >> it is my favorite school. >> but they are in jeopardy. >> every aspect of it, the children, the parents, the teachers. >> this is a result of the recently passed financial regulatory reform bill, and it will soon be closed, and this is set to go with it. >> the teacher's love her. they care for her. they understand heard. they know her more than i know her. >> the joy of learning. the love of learning. they take those lessons even after they leave us. >> they have extra freedom to explore it. they are encouraged to see doug individual passions and then are guided along the way. -- they are encouraged to see their individual passions.
5:59 pm
it includes white house staffers, world bankers, and there is an effort to save the center, but they have yet to see results. >> it is another case of children suffering for the adults and their decisions. >> abc7 news. and that is all now for abc7 news at 5:00. coming up now at 6:00 -- >> we willingly accept the vote of the majority. >> after a hard-fought primary, the results are in, and mayor adrian fenty is out. what the mayor is saying, and a deep divide in the district. plus, en tea party troy ounce. can those can it succeed in november -- plus, tea party. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ap

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